Caryn’s Italian Roast Beef

Caryn made this when we visited in NY.  Mike officially lifted his crock pot ban. (To which I said, “There was a crock pot ban? Oops.”)

Put a cross-rib beef roast in the crock pot on low, about 7 hours before dinnertime.  Pretty much cover the sucker with beef bouillon granules, like a rub. Add some salt (Caryn’s a little heavy-handed with the salt so I followed suit), some garlic powder, pepper, and ground red pepper.  Finally add a large amount of dried oregano, also like a rub. Add enough water to barely cover the bottom of the crock pot. 

After the 7 hours, let the meat rest on a platter to allow the juices to distribute.  To make the dinner frenzy a cinch, chop up a couple bell peppers & an onion to use later.  (We prefer yellow & red.)

Shortly before you’d like to eat, cook the peppers & onions in olive oil.  Slice the roast as thinly as possible (Caryn recommends an electric carving knife) and pile it on hearty rolls (such as kaiser rolls) with the peppers & onions.  Top it off with a slice of provolone cheese.


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