John & Caryn’s Pizza & Sauce (starring Rocky Balboa)

Be sure to place the pizza stone in the oven at least 1/2 hour ahead of time to make sure it gets good and hot.  475 for wheat dough or 450 for white dough. 

In a small sauce pan:

2 cans tomato sauce (15 oz each)

2 tsp sugar

shake of dry oregano

shake of garlic powder

salt (coat the entire surface)

Cook until it bubbles.

Here’s well, frankly, things get more stressful than I prefer in the kitchen.  The rest of the recipe needs to be done quickly so that the dough doesn’t stick to the counter or pizza paddle and so the sauce doesn’t make it mushy before the time comes to slide it on the stone.  I recommend a couple jogs in place and some neck stretches like Rocky would do.  Or you can just hype yourself up with this short video:

Now that you’re ready, roll pizza dough (such as Trader Joe’s) on a clean countertop into a circle. Use lots of cornmeal.  John’s tip: Think of the cornmeal as ball bearings so the pizza slides easily on and off the pizza paddle.

Quickly top that baby with sauce, cheese, & whatever toppings keep you happy.  Keeping with the cornmeal/ball bearings rule, slide the pizza on a pizza paddle and then slide it on the hot stone.  Remember: the oven isn’t cooking your delicious dinner–that burning hot hunk of pizza stone is. 

When it looks done it probably is.  Employ your pizza paddle for duty once again and serve your pizza up for dinner.  (Feel free to shout, “Adrian!” at any time now.)



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5 responses to “John & Caryn’s Pizza & Sauce (starring Rocky Balboa)

  1. caryn amandola

    ok… who are these photos by? they’re fabulous!!

  2. kibret

    OK, now I’m hungry and almost shamed into organizing or writing down my recipes…almost 🙂

    • Shoot, Kibret, if you don’t even have them written down–what is there to organize? 🙂

      • kibret

        I have tons of pages from Bon Appetite magazine and a few of my own recipes written down. It’s the ones that I just make, the ones people are always asking for that are rolling around in my head. How to go from “I don’t know I just make it” to “Here’s the recipe” is kicking my butt…lol

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