Dirty Rice

This photo is from cbsop.com--link at the end of this post.

The whole family liked this one, so I better not forget it. I just did what E-meals told me to. Buy a box of Dirty Rice mix. (Done–on sale!) Follow the directions on the box for mixing in 1 lb. of ground beef.  Serve.

I also did what they said and cooked asparagus–a vegetable my kids get in fist fights over because they love it so much. (Seriously. Well, seriously about loving asparagus–not so much about the fist fighting.)

In the future, however, I will see if Sprout’s carries an MSG-free version of Dirty Rice mix. Call me paranoid, but I feel a little guilty when I serve my children carcinogens.

(While doing an image search after writing this post, I saw this recipe from CBSOP that omits the boxed stuff altogether.)


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