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Ice Holiday Punch

6 oz package cherry gelatin

3/4 cup sugar

2 cups boiling water

46 oz can pineapple juice

6 cups cold water

2 liters ginger ale, chilled

In a 4 quart freezer-proof container, dissolve gelatin and sugar in boiling water. Stir in pineapple juice and cold water. Cover and freeze overnight. Remove from the freezer 2 hours before serving. Place in a punch bowl; stir in ginger ale just before serving.


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4 Spiked Punches plus 5 Big-Batch Tips

I got all of this from a page torn out of a Rachael Ray magazine to whom Kristen Wolfe Bieler is given credit.  Have yet to try any! (As of yet, we’ve only made kid-friendly punches.)

Spiked Pink Lemonade

1 bottle (750 ml) vodka or gin

5 cups lemonade

2 cups cranberry juice

3 cups ginger ale

Pineapple Punch

1 bottle (750 ml) light rum

5, 20 oz cans crushed pineapple in juice, pureed

juice of 6 lemons

8 cups seltzer or water

Ginger Margaritas

1 bottle (750 ml) tequila

1 cup Cointreau

6 oz limeade concentrate

4 cups ginger ale

Orange Sparklers

1 bottle (750 ml) sparkling white wine

1.5 cups orange juice

1 cup pomegranate juice

juice of 2 limes

Big-Batch Blending Tips:

1. Be Cheap: Fruity cocktails aren’t the place for top-shelf liquor. Buy low-end bottles and save the good stuff for sipping.

2. Freeze: Fill a 9″ round baking pan with lemonade or limeade and some lemon or lime slices and freeze to float in the punch bowl.

3. Start Cold: Chill all your ingredients thoroughly before making.

4. Save the Fizz: Add bubbly ingredients just before serving.

5. Set the Bar: Place cups and ice buckets near the ice bowl, along with garnishes like lemon & lime slices, berries and fresh mint.

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