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Grown-Up Grilled Cheese


Thinly sliced prosciutto

Fig preserves


Bread (French or sourdough would be best, but any sandwich bread will do)

Put the first three ingredients in the sandwich and then cook with butter like a grilled cheese sandwich.  (It is okay to eat the rind of brie, but personally we don’t like it.)

I’ve also seen a similar recipe that used blue cheese in place of the Brie. So do what suits you!


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Caryn’s Italian Roast Beef

Caryn made this when we visited in NY.  Mike officially lifted his crock pot ban. (To which I said, “There was a crock pot ban? Oops.”)

Put a cross-rib beef roast in the crock pot on low, about 7 hours before dinnertime.  Pretty much cover the sucker with beef bouillon granules, like a rub. Add some salt (Caryn’s a little heavy-handed with the salt so I followed suit), some garlic powder, pepper, and ground red pepper.  Finally add a large amount of dried oregano, also like a rub. Add enough water to barely cover the bottom of the crock pot. 

After the 7 hours, let the meat rest on a platter to allow the juices to distribute.  To make the dinner frenzy a cinch, chop up a couple bell peppers & an onion to use later.  (We prefer yellow & red.)

Shortly before you’d like to eat, cook the peppers & onions in olive oil.  Slice the roast as thinly as possible (Caryn recommends an electric carving knife) and pile it on hearty rolls (such as kaiser rolls) with the peppers & onions.  Top it off with a slice of provolone cheese.

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